Skydive Surfcity is owned by a German-and you know they want to get things right the first time:-)
All of our contracted pilots and instructors are certified by the FAA and our instructors additionally hold USPA’s highest ratings and are rigorously trained and tested regularly. Most of our staff have several thousand skydives and submit to regular, random drug screening… All of the equipment used is serviced and maintained by FAA certified riggers and the parachutes are packed by professionals under their supervision. The reserves are inspected repacked every 180 days, even if unused (it’s not just a good idea, it’s the law). Our aircraft is required to be maintained to the highest FAA standards, and we have asked the FAA to inspect our entire operation at least every six months to be sure we are maintaining everything to the highest standards and to give us any additional input… At Skydive Surfcity, Santa Cruz, your safety is the most integral part of your amazing experience.
An interesting fact about our instructors: The FAA requires to have at least 500 jumps experience before you can become an instructor. We believe that this is not nearly enough experience. Skydive Surfcity’s “youngest” instructor has close to 6,000 jumps experience. That is more than 10 times the required experience. We have guys with 16,000plus skydives experience jumping here. We are proud to say that we work with some of the most talented and most experienced skydiving instructors in the entire USA

Volker Haag Skydiver Instructor Tandemmaster Santa Cruz California New Zealand Germany

Volker Haag-the Voltron Owner/Operator,

Tandem Instructor, Static Line Instructor, USPA Coach, Videographer, 9,000+ jumps. Originally from Germany, did 6,000 Jumps in New Zealand before investing in Skydive Surfcity. Has taken passengers age 3-89 years old. (In the USA you have to be 18 years of age to skydive!) He holds a Masters Degree in Economics

Lisa Airmet FAA Senior Rigger Manifest girl apsiring skydiver

Lisa Dawn Airmet

FAA certified Senior Rigger, skydiver with hundreds of jumps, Queen of all trades (Manages videos, packing, manifesting, scheduling, flights, office) She manages the whole operation so be nice to her!

Future skydiver ready to skydive

River Dawn Airmet

Future Skydiver and Expert Weather Reporter. He’ll help you gear up and get pumped. The sky is the limit for this seven year old!

Skydive Surfcity Instructor enjoying the beautiful California coast

Robby Soria-Tandem Instructor

Happiest contractors near San Francisco at skydive surficty

Mike Knight-Tandem Instructor

Quality FAA parachute packing bay area

Alex Bruner-Parachute Packer

Best skydive with surfcity instructors

Carson Klein-Tandem Instructor

Top thrills with tandem instructors working in Santa Cruz California

Eric Miller-Tandem Instructor