Online Reservations & Bookings for Skydives


  • you must be at least 18 years of age on the day of the jump
  • people exceeding 250 lbs need speak to us before making a booking
  • online bookings are for time slots for your skydives only. Photo/video options and jump altitudes will be picked in our office on the day of the jump
  • all bookings are subject to our terms and conditions.
  • for body weights exceeding 220 lbs there will be an overage charge
  • you understand that skydiving is weather dependent
  • you must accept and commit to our cancellation policy

If you are unsure about any of the above CALL 831.435.5169 First!

I have read the rules above and I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE    Book Now

For last minute bookings or if your desired date is not available call the reservation line at 831.435.5169

Skydive Surfcity Cancellation Policy

• We do not charge any deposit fees. Cancellations are free of charge as long as you give us the required notice (see below).

• If you cancel without giving the required notice (see below), there is a minimum  $50 per booked jump cancellation fee applied to the card.

• For “no-shows” or late cancellations on the day of the jumps we do charge full price for the number of booked skydives (e.g. $199 per booked 10,000ft jump weekend, $179 Monday -Friday).

• If your plans change we must be notified at least 48 hours (=2 full days for group sizes of 5 and smaller) , 72 hours (=3 full days for group sizes of 6-9) and 96 hours (=4 full days for group sizes of 10 or more people) prior to your scheduled appointment. Should you fail to do so, there will be a charge of $50 per reserved slot on your credit card. If you do not show up without cancelling at all or if you call in on the day of your appointment you will be charged full price of number of reserved 10,000 ft skydives. (Example 1: if you book for 3 people and cancel the day before the jump: there will be a 3 x $50 charge. Example 2: if you book for 3 people and 1 person cancels the day before the jump: there will be a 1 x $50 charge. Example 3: if you book for 3 people and don’t show up: there will be a 3 x $199 charge. If only two people show up without giving the 48 hours notice for the 3rd person there will be a 1x $199 charge. Example 4: if you book for a skydive for 7 people and cancel 2 days before there will be a charge of 7 x $50 = $350 applied to your card on file.

• If you make a last minute booking and are already within the cancellation period, the cancellation fees will apply.

• By making reservations and supplying your credit cards information, you agree to our cancellation policy and you authorize Skydive Surfcity, Inc. to charge the cancellation fees to  your credit card . Our other terms and conditions apply.

• Do not set up an appointment if you are not certain which day will work for you. We cannot accept two identical bookings that are blocking time slots for two separate dates.

Skydive Surfcity, Inc. Overage Charge for Heavier Customers

Most places have a weight limit of 200 pounds. However, we do have the equipment and expertise to cater for heavier customers. At weights exceeding 220 lbs, our instructors charge an additional fee of $1 per every pound over 200 lbs (for the extra workload) Example: if you are 219 lbs, there will be no extra charge. If you are 225 lbs, there would be a $25 surcharge. This surcharge is an industry standard and gets passed on to the instructors 100%. At weights exceeding 230 pounds, it is our staff’s discretion whether or not you should jump. At weights exceeding 250 pounds it is not guaranteed that you will be able to jump. The instructors will make a case by case decision based on multiple factors including weather conditions

Skydive Surfcity, Inc. informs you skydiving, parachuting and flying are inherently dangerous activities, which may result in serious injury or even death

You need to be  willing and able to understand and accept the above stated risks and will be required to sign a liability release form prior to skydiving

Skydives Surfcity offers ocean view skydives serving the San Jose, San Francisco Bay area. We are located in the center of the Monterey Bay in between Santa Cruz and Monterey, California.