Skydive Surfcity- the best ocean views for tandem skydiving in Santa Cruz, San Jose, San Francisco & the Bay Area

Imagine there was a place to skydive in Santa Cruz, California only a short drive away from San Francisco and even closer from San Jose…

San Jose Skydive with Ocean view

•where you could land a short distance to the coast

•with the most spectacular ocean views

•that had one of THE BEST safety records in the industry

•the customer service was impeccable

•the videos and digital still photos were priceless

•the staff all helped you to feel comfortable and secure

•the wait times were minimal

•the instructors were the best in the industry

•you were apprised of what you could expect with 100% transparency

Best views during a skydive in California

Imagine now, that that place had great weather
•if it was cloudy or elements deemed it unsafe to fly that day, they offered a rain check to come back and accomplish your jump again at any point in the future.

Would that be a skydiving fantasy worth dreaming about?

Well, dream no more. There is such a place! Skydive Surfcity Inc. , the ONLY Skydiving Center in Santa Cruz County is located at the Watsonville airport- just off of Highway 1- within easy driving distance of Los Gatos, San Jose and even San Francisco, and are now accepting reservations. Please call us for more information at (831) 435-5169.

We will spend as much time as you need answering any questions or concerns you might have, and it would be our greatest honor to throw you (and your instructor) safely out of our plane.

tandem skydiving near San Francisco, California
This guy has fun!