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Number of Tandem Skydives on the Gift Certificates:
Jump Altitudes: Weekends (or any other day)
-standard 10.000 ft.$199
-EXTREME Jump from 12.500 ft.$229
Weekday Special (Mo-Fri only!)
-standard 10.000 ft.$179
-EXTREME Jump from 12.500 ft.$209
Photo/Video Options:
-digital still photos$79
-video, edited on DVD$79
-Combo (video & photo packages)$120
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Terms & Conditions for Skydiving Gift Certificates

•Recipient of gift certificates must be 18 years or older when redeeming the tandem skydiving gift certificate

•Skydive Surfcity Inc will be closed for jumping every year between the end of November and early January. Wanting to use your gift certificate during this time period will not qualify you for a refund.

•Skydiving Gift Certificates are for skydives- not for beach landings. We cannot guarantee that the beach is available for landing

•Please note that if you order a skydiving gift certificate after 5 pm it may not be processed before the next day. If you need a PDF gift certificate per email urgently after 5 pm, please call 831.435.5169 to confirm when we can email it out to you.

•All sales for tandem skydives, skydiving gift certificates or skydive videos/photos are final. Gift vouchers are refundable within the first 2 days of purchase. However, there is a $25 service fee in case of a requested refund. We need notification by email from the customer purchasing the certificates if a refund is requested.
After 2 days skydiving gift vouchers are NOT refundable! Reasons for that: Our skydiving gift vouchers do not expire and are fully transferable. You can pass them on to anybody else or sell them. BUT you must inform us in writing! If you fail to inform us the skydiving voucher will NOT be valid if you have passed it on to someone else.

•If the name of the person redeeming the skydiving voucher doesn’t match the name on the voucher, the voucher is NOT valid for a tandem skydive unless we have received written notification from the person buying the voucher or the person listed on the voucher.

•Our skydiving vouchers do NOT expire, however after 12 months we reserve the right to charge a surcharge to reflect changes in our prices and/or our expenses (e.g. fuel prices keep going up).

•For customers that weigh over 220 lbs. our instructors charge an additional fee of $20 plus an additional $1 per every pound over 220 lbs (for the extra workload).Please note that this is a skydiving industry standard. These surcharges will be charged on the day of your skydive and will be on top of what you have paid for any gift certificate. At weights exceeding 250 pounds you are wil not be allowed to jump.

• We will not issue any refunds for gift certificates if the recipient does not meet our weight requirements.

•For bad weather during your skydiving appointment, you will have a 30 minutes grace period in which we check and assess the conditions. If the weather is still bad after the 30 minutes mark, you will need to reschedule for another time. If it clears up later on that day, we will need to take care of the next scheduled appointments that have clear conditions during their skydiving time. If we have availability later that day, we are happy rescheduling you for the same day. We cannot refund your gift certificate if the weather is not good on your skydiving appointment. Bad weather means weather that we consider not safe for skydiving.

• We do not accept walk-ins. You will need to call 831.435.5169 to schedule your appointment even if you have purchased a gift certificate. Please note that our weekends and many weekdays (particularly during the summer months) book up. So make your reservations well in advance as soon as you know when you want to use your skydiving gift certificate!

There is a 48 hour cancellation policy for all scheduled skydives. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we will need at least 48 hours notice prior to your skydiving appointment. With less than 48 hours notice there will be a $50 charge per person. This will be added on your card on file. Please note that the for larger groups the required notice for cancellations is 72 hours (groups of 6-9 people) and 96 hours (groups of 10 or more people).

Skydiving gift certificates are subject to forfeiture if you fail to show up on your scheduled skydiving appointment. Calling us on the day of the jump counts as a “no-show” and will forfeit your skydive vouchers

• Skydiving gift certificates that were purchased for use on “Weekdays Only” can only be used Monday-Friday (on days we are operating) after setting up an appointment. If you wanted to use them on a weekend there will be an upgrade fee to have the total match our current weekend rates.

Order Instructions

This is a pretty standard and straight forward online ordering/ shopping cart solution: “Add products to cart” and follow the payment instructions on our secure payment site (SSL encoded). If you have any special requests the below info might be helpful:

  1. Adding your own jump: If you are buying a Gift Certificate for somebody else and want to join them on their skydive: just order 2 jumps. We will include your jump on the Gift Certificates.
  2. Multiple jumps with different options: If you want to purchase more than one skydive with different photo/video options: you can do this by adding the first jump to the cart and then click on “continue shopping”
  3. Multiple Gift certificates for multiple people: If you want to purchase multiple skydives for multiple people, in other words you want to buy multiple Skydiving Gift Certificates please do a follow up via email and sent us all recipients names so we can personalize the Gift Certificates.