Skydive Surfcity Views & Photo Gallery

Skydive Surfcity exclusively offers Skydiving with the BEST ocean views of central California coast line!  With these views your skydive is so much more then just jumping out of the plane. It starts with a scenic plane ride to altitude, then you experience the rush of free-falling 120 mph, followed by softly floating down under the parachute. This is when you can really take in these amazing views.

You have a choice between many skydiving centers in California. But when it comes to your first skydive you should make no compromises. Besides an outstanding safety record, the 2nd most important factor when picking your “First Drop Zone” should be the views. Northern California and the Bay Area has so much to offer. Why would you jump over a brown field when you could look at the gorgeous Monterey Bay when doing your first skydive? We have been skydiving for many, many years: Santa Cruz is our favorite spot to go parachuting!

Make sure you look at our amazing skydiving ¬†photo/ video packages. Until then enjoy “our” by checking out this gallery!

!!!This Gallery is currently under construction!!! Check back soon and we will “show off” our coastal views with lot’s and lot’s of photos